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quality choice or an echo? we have governor gary herbert how to speak today from the state of utah. utah pioneered its own health exchange. even before the affordable care act was passed or was being drafted. they have continued on without with some success. there is been a back and forth to between utah and the department of health and human services and the obama administration as to what does or does not comply with the dictates of the affordable care act. the only state in a quandary as having something on the ground. surely the governor will talk about the utah exchange and places in the larger context of what should represent innovative and effective state led health policy reform. he will also talk about utah's approach to medicaid reform. and the overall youth leadership -- the overall. overall last month in obama administration decided if you cannot change the product, you can change the name. they decided in mid january it will no longer be called help exchanges but health marketplaces. the official explanation for this was it was because the word exchange cannot be trans
to herself, how she can help her husband,, take care for family, maker contribution to our nation utah's republican governor gary herbert says his health insurance exchange will not and force the mandate as the new health care law but focus on small business. he told an audience at the enterprise institute that after meeting with health secretary kathleen sebelius he felt optimistic that his state's plans will improve. his comments on how states can deal with the affordable care act are an hour. >> good afternoon everyone. welcome to the american enterprise institute. i am tom miller. today's forum barcott baster from an age of obamacare or as i referred to the state-based policy reform under the affordable care act and health exchanges will it be a choice or natco? we have governor gary herbert to speak today about his experience in the state of utah. as some of you know utah pioneered its own health exchange. we are doing different names for these things these days and even before the affordable care act was passed or was really being drafted as a pilot version. they continued on wit
gunmaker contribution to our nation. >> utah's republican governor, transcendent save his exchange will not enforce the individual mandate of the new health care laugh, the focus on small business. he told an audience at the american enterprise institute after meeting with house secretary kathleen sebelius from his optimistic his plans will be approved. his comments on how states should with the affordable care act rnr. [inaudible conversations] >> at afternoon, everyone. welcome to the american enterprise institute. i'm tanta miller. today's forum is the age of obamacare for a state-based policy reform under the affordable care act and health exchanges, will it be a choice or not now. we have governor gary herbert to speak to the state of utah. smf you now come the utah pioneered its own health exchange for doing different names for these things these days. even before the act was being drafted had a pilot version. they continued on with some success, but there's been a bit of a back-and-forth between the state of utah and the department of health and human services in the obama a
to bruces question as well. .. remarks and utah's governor and gary herbert he will talk about his states efforts reform health care. this is live coverage just getting underway on c-span2. >> even before the affordable kit act was passed or really being drafted had it in a pilot version. they continued on with that with some success, but there's been a bit of a back and forth between the state of utah and the department of health and human services and the obama administration as to what does or does not comply with the dictates of the affordable care act. the only state in a quandary, utah a little far advance, something on the ground and in a few. in shortly governor herbert will be talking not only about the utah exchange but also places in the larger context of what should represent the innovative and effective state-led health policy reform. he will also talk a little bit about utah's approach to medicaid reform and the difficult process trying to get the federal government to buy more flexibility the states. the state utah's overall leadership in promoting market-based patient-cent
ago, a seed jar in utah underneath a ledge. and i didn't move it from the spot. in fact, the sand had just been barely swept away to show the face of it, but it's still there. it's still under that ledge. i hope. i'd like to take you on a route and show you a way down to one of these artifacts. now, a lot of people look across canyon land, say, in southeast utah where this picture is, and it's not really clear how you get around, how you get from place to place. but if you know this place well enough you know right over this lip of white sandstone, if you go right over the ledge and hang your foot over this side, you can't see it but you can feel it with the tip of your foot, there's a little toe hold down there, then if you get on that toe hold you drop your other foot down and there's another toe hold. it happens a thousand years ago somebody carved just a series of toe holds down this rock face. and you climb down those and they lead to a ledge and the ledge wraps around underneath here and it drops down into another spot that you go through a saddle and around to the other side an
straight losses 3rd quarter, 74-69 utah marvin williams misses the 3-pointer as shot clock expires - but derrick favors saves the ball and this time williams knocks it down 77-69 utah williams: 11 points 4th quarter, 89-79 utah stephen curry - nice little move in the lane and puts in the one hander 89-81 utah curry: 29 points 4th quarter, 108-94 alec burks - hits the 3- point dagger to put the jazz up by 17 points with less than 3 mins left burks: 13 points battered mark jackson jazz win 115-101 warriors 6th straight loss warriors haven't won a game in 17 days host phoenix tomorrow night sharks blues todd mclellan - on the hot seat with seven straight losses after opening the season with seven straight wins 2nd period, 1-0 blues joe thornton - gets the rebound goal from out in front to tie the game 1-1 tie thornton: 4th goal of season a minute or so latera fight sharks tommy wingels gets the better of blues t.j. oshiethey both get five minute majors. the sharks bench loves it. 3rd period, 1-1 tie tim kennedy - the slapper trickles through the pads of blues goalie jake allen for the
to be a challenge for us. at the end of the day for us in utah and other states that are struggling, how has our approach to health care reform and operate in an a.c.a. world, how do we fit in with the law of the land? our exchange, we have named it avenue h and it's not for avenue herbert, but the difference between the federal exchange -- we talk about the exchanges that have taken on a negative contation. an ability to facilitate people's choices is a good idea. our exchange are those different from those envisioned by the a.c.a. we focus on small business, working through them to provide access to their employees on an individual business, but through the business community and get people enrolled in private insurance. our exchange, interestingly enough, only has five employees. the total costs for what we do on an annual basis is $600,000 a year. we aren't spending a lot of money on this process. so we have the ability to expand. but we have an administrative process, which means we let the market make the decisions. we facilitate opportunities and that's all that we do. by contrast, the a.
through especially utah questions of polygamy but from the state's the major cases made it 1930's and early 1940's, the new deal era they tend not to be the salvation army but the jehovah's witness that caused a lot of the problems. as an accord was one of the cases walk us through. >> an interesting case cantwell versus conn involved a group of witnesses that have gone into a catholic neighborhood in new haven on a sunday morning and began playing anticatholic records on a portable phonograph and distributing literature and they were arrested for disturbing the peace and preaching without a permit and appealed -- that first amendment in the exercise clause in the state of connecticut and as they saw fit. >> did that lead to the movement's? >> it what is. the movements changed and challenged law requiring school children to salute the flag every morning to see the pledge of allegiance when they got to the supreme court and in 1940 they lost in a big case and they got a lot of attention. after that violence broke out against witnesses all across the country in three years later the
states in "coolidge," sunday night on "q & a." >> utah governor harry -- gary herbert explained how his state's health exchange would work. the governor, a republican, said the exchange will be based on free market values. earlier this week, governor herbert met with kathleen sebelius and today he spoke at the american enterprise institute in washington. >> good afternoon, everyone. today's forum, market-based reform in the age of obamacare or state-based reform under obamacare, is it a choice? we have governor gary herbert to speak today on the experience of the state of utah. as some of you know, utah actually pioneered its own, whether you want to call it a health exchange or something else, we're doing different names for these things these days, even before the affordable care act was passed or being drafted in a pilot version. they've continued on with that, with some success, but there's been a bit of a back and forth between the state of utah and the department of health and human services and the obama administration as to what does or does not comply with the dictates of the a
. that is ahead. plus, a small plane crash in utah. here what one of the passengers impact, allfore caught on tape. impact, allfore ca[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, yoyou can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. captioned by thenational captioning institute-- >> you abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. that meteor the crash? fixing the damage will cost $11 million. here the images of that across the sky in central russia. following was an explosion 30. shema bombs. we only saw in , this resident said.
. in the state of utah, we began by diagnosing the problem which i think is step one. we have come together with some of the most prominent business leaders in the state and formed a coalition of business leaders referred to as -- that's one branch within the u.s. chamber, but also within the salt lake chamber. we are all seeking the salsa solution to come up with, to come up with a solution that will promote economic develop and. we tried the band-aid approach. we know the needs for long-term change. anything a greater investment in education to using business leaders. i spoke with a student for came on stage and he said that there was a program in virginia similar to what we do in utah for business leaders are interjecting themselves in higher ed. so first promoting awareness that we can do this without business and business can't do this without students. traditionally we have relied on the legislature and that hasn't done enough. and so i'm grateful for strides we are taking and still see there is a lot of room to make up. we have come in utah we have unique system where the students ha
utah, parecida a la ley sb 1070 de arizona. la ley fue aprobada, la de utah en el 2011 quedÓ archivada para la decisiÓn judicial. el juez hizo preguntas a una docena de abogados, y dijo que pronto anunciara el fallo. >>> en una ciudad mÁs afectada por la violencia de armas de fuego fuego en estados unidos. recalcÓ el presidente olo que dijo en su discurso del estado de la uniÓn. viviana trae reacciones de los que lo escucharon. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). en una escuela secundaria al sur de chicago, al presidente obama lo recibieron decenas de estÚdiantes que le escucharon referirse al grave problema de la violencia en su ciudad. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> el aÑo pasado hubo 443 homicidios cometidos con armas de fuego en la calle de la ciudad, y 65 vÍctimas menores de 18 aÑos, ejvri vale a un newtown cada 4 meses. obama enfatizÓ que la violencia con armas no es exclusiva de chicago, que el paÍs tiene que formar un bloque comÚn contra el flagelo. >>> esto no es solamente un problema de arma de fuego, sino un asunto del tipo de comunidades que construimos, y tenemos responsabil
-star break. how did the warriors fair tonight in utah? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tight...wayne? ew bogut the boys in >>> warriors grip on the sixth spot in the western conference, all of a sudden not as tight. wayne. >> oh, w's in salt lake. 15 minutes, no points. warriors stay with the jazz, a three ball to the second. w is down four. but utah had seven players. 24 for al jefferson. 115-101. great loss. meantime, the shark got it right in st. louis. tim kennedy and the sharks on the loose. his third period effort, second goal of the season with the sharks snap a seven-game losing streak. gilroy native announced today he'll fight floyd mayweather in las vegas. he was hoping to hand mayweather his first loss. when you're in college, you have time to talk about stuff like this. he sank nine puts in a row. it took them 28 before they got it in right. >> that's fantastic. >> unbelievable. >> that does it for us at 10:00. see you at 11:00.
ear lake, diinatale, fox nnwss" 3a smmll toww in utah... may pass annordinanne... recommending every home.... have a gun. gun.the idda... came after the trrgedy in connecticut./.. & ...where... 20 children were gunned ddwn ... attsccool...//. the... city counnil... of... "spring city" utah... debated the measure... last night...// the ordinance... for --3 having a gun... would nottbe requirrmenn.../ & would... also ake gun safetyyand education classes... free of charge sorensen says: "it'll basically just reinforce the second amendmmnt right, ann - hopefully protect the citizens &pann give evvrybody a ssnse that we are aareeing that we responsible for them and be traiied." trained."aasimilar resolltton aaseddbyya 4 to 1 vote... ...but some council-members still want aa ordinance. ...whiic will be ebated again in a couple of weks. if it passes, sprrnn city america to have such an ordinance 3 two women.. caught on & cammra.. dancing in custodyy what thhy ater accused officers of doing... and the reason this video ould hurt t
city, utah. and he is a professional free runner. this guy knows what he's doing. he's not just doing parkour. we've seen parkour. he's doing parkour on slippery, icy, snowy surfaces on ice skates. this guy pretty much does it all. >> notice all the snow stuck to his clothing too which gives you an idea how cold it is too. >> remember this video, we had several months ago here on "right this minute," the parkour real-life assassin crede individual. >> this was really need. >> that's ronnie. this isn't just about showing people what he can do. he does parkour video tutorials to teach other people. a youtube channel called ronnie street stunts and he joins us via skype "right this minute" from utah. welcome to the show. how can you teach this to other people using individuals. >> really it comes down to simple basic things like climbing a fence or doing a s summer salt and progress from it. i happen to take it farther, working with ice and snow and slippery surfaces. it's all about body control. i have to spend a lot of time training so i can do those safely. i've never received any ser
bunker in utah built by a survivalist who is preparing for the worst. here is his report. >> reporter: he has a spectacular view of the mountains. a family man who lives in a beautiful neighborhood in utah. but peter larson has a very dark view of what the world has in store for us. we take a long ride with him into the mountains. daylight turns to sundown, sundown to darkness. then we arrive at the $65,000 structure where peter larson, his wife, his children and grandchildren plan to survive the attempted destruction of the world. so this is the bunker? >> this is it. >> reporter: peter larson is proud to be known as a survivalist, or as it's also known, a prepper. >> right now we're about 20 feet under ground and this unit is 50 feet long, ten foot diameter, corrugated steel pipe. >> reporter: he believes we're reaching the end of times. an economic collapse could cause a serious civil disorder, he theorizes, but he's most concerned about this -- >> there will be a nuclear holocaust. someone is going to pull the pin. >> reporter: your idea is that you will be down here with your family?
. speakers included a speaker from utah and north dakota. lynn honored with the lifetime achievement award. she is a former senior editor and the first woman to hold that position at newsweek. major garret acted as the master of ceremonies. this is 45 minutes. >> good evening again. good evening, and welcome to our honored guests, members of congress, journalism colleagues, and friends. again, i am ellen shearer, and i'm president of the washington press club foundation. this is our 69th press club dinner. [applause] it is a chance to celebrate the hard work of those in the room. journalists and those they cover, the members of congress and their hard-working staff. it is also an opportunity to remember the great winning journalists who came before us and who set standards of reporting excellence to which we can all aspire. the four we did to our program tonight, i would like to introduce our distinguished table. these hold off your applause until i finish the introductions. i will start at my right. julie davis of bloomberg, our foundation's secretary. terry gainer. linda povich, winner o
. in the red states, won't they try to blame it on the president anyway? >> one of the things -- i was in utah last week, mostly on vacation but also looking around. i started reading the local press. theythey are very freaked out. utah went for romney who wanted to balance the budget only by cutting spending. went for romney by 50 points. one of the states most hostile to obama. the biggest employer in the state is the federal government. >> john: shocking. >> 26,000 people at an air force base. a giant i.r.s. center, about 5,000 people, the bureau of land management employees people. in connecticut where i'm speaking from which is a very liberal state, a big government state, about 14% of the employees are government employees and in utah, it is about 18%. it is a similar story many of the plains state the and southern states which are poor. where private enterprise is not as developed as they would like to think it is. they're disproposately dependent on government spending. whether it is medicaid or medicare and defense installations. all of the businesses in those states, to a large degre
on this trip to collect a piece for radio carbon dating, a federal archeologist in southern utah had asked us to pick up one piece of it to bring out. so that part of the basket is missing. there are artifacts everywhere. they stand out. this arrowhead here is maybe just under half an inch long, tiny little piece made out of jasper in some canyon someplace. there are larger objects. there are cliff dwellings that you find up in the alcoves. this is out on the navajo reservation in southern utah. this is part of a structure that's about, i'd say, 300 rooms running along the back side of this canyon, a little village, small city, something. artifacts everywhere. one of the walls had fallen out, revealing the floor that had been packed in there, hundreds of years of people using the same floor just pushing down the dirt so that there are pieces of woven -- of braided string sticking out of the floor everywhere and arrowheads and broken pottery and i realized when i came up against the stack of this trash pile i put my head against it and looked along it. i could see it was covered with hair. peo
bullying when they were teammates on southern utah university's football team. >> the one thing i do remember about chris was that he was sensitive to racial issues, race relations in general. >> reporter: it made an impression on him. >> i'm sure it did. without it make an impression on anybody. >> reporter: aaron alford coached dorner at southern utah. he was good in class. fit in with the team. alfred says he stuck out in the same way alfred did. >> you know, obviously coming as a young african-american male to southern utah university, there were the culture shock moments. he really, as far as race, racism, that was something that he was very sensitive to. he was one of -- wanted to call him out on it, he would not sit back and brush it under the rug like it is okay. >> reporter: he describes dorner as a man who saw the world as black and white. right and wrong. >> one of the things i always respected about chris was the fact he was a person of very strong convictions and a person with a lot of integrity and honesty. >> reporter: what code of ethics did he live by. >> chris, as m
a utah man says his remott undergrrund bunker filled with food, clothing and weaaons will help hii surrive the eed of the world. world. gary tuchman was invited into his bunker to see exactly what ittwoull take to ride out a mass extinction. extinction. 3 he hhs a pectaculaa view of phe mountaans.a family man who lives in a beautiful 3 larson has a veryydark view of what the world as in store foo usa&we take a lonngride with hii.. into the mountainsadayyight turns to sundown...ssndown turns to darkneesa& and then we arriveat tte 65 thoussnd dollar structure where peter - larson, his wife, his chhldren and grand childden plan to survive the attempted deetruction of the worlda& (nats)peter larson is prouddto be known as survivalista& or as its also knowna a prepperariggt now, we're 20 feet undergroundd this unit is 55 feet loog, 10 feet wide, - corrugatee steel pipe...laason beliives we are reaching the end of economic collapse could bbing intenss civil diiooder he theorizes.. &pbut he's most coocerned about - thisa&there will be
of the room. and what did you see? >> thomas: i saw debt from utah medical center. i saw debt from a veterinarian clinic in utah. i saw collections for a judith kendall. >> kroft: judith kendall, not judy thomas? >> thomas: correct. >> kroft: what's going through your mind? >> thomas: what the hell's she doing on my credit report? what the hell is her debt doing on my credit report? >> kroft: you'd think this would be a fairly simple thing to get straightened out? >> thomas: you would think. yeah, you would think. this is my "judy thomas versus judith kendall" file. >> kroft: instead, it became a six-year battle with credit agencies, requiring boxloads of correspondence to try and prove that she was judy thomas, not judith kendall, all to no avail. you got a lot of time invested in this. how important are these documents? >> thomas: it's my life. >> kroft: there are logs of daily phone calls to dispute centers, hundreds of letters, to experian, equifax and transunion, even correspondence from judith's kendall's creditors in utah, acknowledging that the debts on her credit report ar
officer: the senior senator from rhode island is recognized. mr. reed: senator lee from utah is here. i would ask unanimous consent that when he concludes his remarks that i be recognized. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. lee: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from utah is recognized. mr. lee: mr. president, i rise today to pay tribute to a special class of people who are critical to the success of any u.s. senator. during the recent super bowl game, one advertisement stood out among all the others. it was an advertisement that was based on a tribute from the great american paul harvey. it was entitled "so god made a farmer." while i respect and admire farmers greatly, and especially those that i know from utah, i'm also certain that my colleagues in this chamber will agree that when it comes to this institution, we can rightly change that statement ever so slightly to say so god made a chief of staff. my first chief of staff, spencer stokes, is returning to utah. he's also returning to his family and to private life after two extraordinary years
business entities, higher ed institutions. in the state of utah, we have begun by diagnosing the problem, which i think is step one. we have come together with prominent business leaders in the state to form a coalition of business leaders referred to as prosperity 2020. that is one bridge within the u.s. chamber but also within the salt lake chamber. we are all seeking to solve the solution to come up with a solution that will promote economic developments. we have tried a band-aid approach. we know there needs to be long- term changes. the needs to be greater investment in education. i spoke with a student before i came on stage. he said there was a program in virginia similar to what we do in utah where business leaders are interjecting themselves into higher ed. first, promoting awareness that we cannot do this without business and business cannot do this without students. traditionally, we have relied on the legislature, but that is not enough. i am grateful for the strides we are taking. in utah, we have a unique system where the students have come together to form the utah student
of utah. >> thank you. i was walking in and saw jake sherman from politico. he said, are you a little nervous? i said, i am kind of nervous. i am a little nervous about this. he said, fink about it this way, when you walked into this room you were a really boring republican. even if you bomb, you will still be a very boring republican. thank you for taking up the pressure, jake. i am here for many reasons, but as you know, republicans are trying to turn over a new leaf. we want to highlight the diversity of our party. we think the diversity is a strength of the republican party, so they sent me, a white, male, conservative mormon from utah to speak to you tonight. it is actually the only constituency we have at this point. [laughter] actually, they wanted marco rubio to fill the spot, but he cannot do everything. they figure with a name like chaffetz, is close enough to a hispanic. you laugh, but i tell you -- i was under the impression that maybe i was invited because i'm an up-and-coming republican, then it turns out they were just looking for a way to save money on alcohol. invite
, governor, good to have you. thank you neil. neil: you had success with that running things in utah. now that it has widens in california with top rates that dwarf federal income rates in plane countries, what -- in many countries, what will happen to california do you think? >> you will have some who can afford to stay in california, and willing to pay the premium involved. if you look at corporate tax side, probably you know 8. 89% if you are in financial services it is 12%, and individual rate is 12% on top of that. incomes, rick -- in comes rick perry, a good friend of mine, he understands how to move business, and offers a state that has nothing in way of individual income tax, nothing by way of corporate tax. and it is a pretty compelling message for financial services businesses, for the innovators, in silicone valley, and manners outside of los angeles in the bay area, i used to tell governor schwarzenegger, it's a pleasure to pick your pocket from time to time, there is so much in the way of hanging fruit, a state with competitive tax regime, and business friendly environment, a
guest, one of them, utah of ofgovernor said both sides are botching this, explain, sir. >> thank you, neil. there is a dearth of leadership out there, as governor we're expected to get things done. if we don't we get criticized for it i see in washington, d.c. is a lot to criticize, taxpayers are not treat the fairly. it like a dfunctional marriage back there, everyone is pointing fingers, no one is taking the blame it has to stop, this is hurting the states, and the taxpayers, and the market place. neil: republicans say they have given their pound of flesh by agreeing to tax hikes in the cliff deal, they are not about to repeat that. they gave the president what he wants, enough already, start cutting. they say, it is his fault. not their fault. >> leadership starts at top, the executive branch, president obama has the opportunity to be the honest broker and lead and bring the partying together, we talked with him over the week, we talked about e entitlement reform, i suggested he needs to speak louder and put it on the table now. i am frustrated it impacts my bottom line as i put t
on governor herbert of utah. you have also been thinking about this issue and have your own experiences in utah. >> thank you, judy. we all think about it and nothing -- been thinking about it more thanks to governor markell. i think all of us are such an impacted by people with disabilities. in my family, i have a couple of special needs children. we have friends and quinces -- and acquaintances with children with disabilities. we all have limitations. some are more noticeable than others. we are all in that group of humanity where we are not perfect. i appreciate this issue being brought forward. i just say amen to all that has been said already. i have a lady that works for me, i director of workforce services. she has been very good at dishing out to the department of workforce services -- good at reaching out to people with disabilities. she has a 3.9 gpa. she has studied abroad and work abroad. she was part of maryland governor's cabinet. she was the secretary of the first department of disabilities. she ran for lieutenant governor in maryland. she has been successful in public an
over 100-thousand. one ssgner s nine-yeer--lddpeewee football - utah who was recentlyyfeatured on a wheatiee boxx croline also aught thh attention of tall-show host eelen degenerrs. ellen: first of all, is it hard have you been hhrr have i'veenever really gotten hurt, but i hhveehurt people, so.. ellen: yoo have? carooine: &pyeah.the edia blitz and petition aven't swayedd he archdiocese. in a statement it 3football ii a boys only sport due to its ffll contact 33 players have preferred this;;&psome now disaaree.calls for an 33 are prematuue and unwise especialll given the ppoential safety issues involved. a ppnellselected by tte archdiocese will reeiew the rule with a deccsion expected bb mid-march.i was just really surprised that we're not - allowed to play ecaase e're girls. theyysay it's aa afety & ssue, but i don't get that because it's not just a safety - issue foo us, it'ssa ssaety - issue for anybody that goes oo to the field.the church ii &peems as a formidable opponent.saaah hoye, cnn 3 &pstraight head... relocating... versus stayin
being drafted in the 24th round. utah hires dennis erickson the utah utes have hired dennis erickson as co- offensive coordinator. he is a three-time pac-12 coach of the year, but was fired by arizona state in 2011. he is well known in the bay area for his unremarkable stint as head coach of the 49ers in 2003 and 2004. erickson won national titles in 1989 and 1991 as coach at miami. he has been a head coach at six universities - three of them pac-12 conference schools. >> michael beck was in a $1 million contract but michael - vic was instructed by the eagles saying that he was restructuring his contract. and he is going to come back four tens million dollars $10 million-this is your total for next year.
anular ley de inmigracion en utah.y el fugitivo cristopher dorner podria haberse suicidado. documentos difundidos hoy muestran que funcionarios de inmigracion utilizaron nuevas tacticas para incrementar la deportacion de indocumentados y cumplir con cuotas gobernamentales.el fallo dividido de la corte suprema sobre una ley de inmigracion de arizona muestra que una legislacion similar en utah debe ser declarada inconstitucional, dijeron oponentes de esa medida.el ex policia christopher dorner, cuyo cadaver calcinado fue hallado en una cabaqa, posiblemente se quito la vida, dijo un portavoz.mas informacion en el noticiero univision fin de hoy en nuestro mundo de impacto, daniela, nos lleva a un paÍs peligroso en el mundo, viajÓ sola con una cÁmara a pakistan, y llegÓ al lugar donde matarono a osama bin laden, el viaje estuvo cargada con riesgos y venÍa la policia la siguiÓ en todo momento. vamos a verlo. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> pakistÁn no es un destino turÍstico comÚn. pero detrÁs de su fachada hostil, hay una gran riqueza cultural, y los picos mÁs altos del mundo, poniendo los te
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